The Raby Hunt

  • Posted On: 28 April 2016
The Raby Hunt

A few weeks ago now, some of the Davina Lovegreen Catering team took a little trip out for some well-deserved supper at Summerhouse’s Michelin star restaurant, The Raby Hunt. Expectations were high after patiently waiting weeks to book a table, but it was safe to say that we were not disappointed. From the moment we received our first course, to the serving of coffee and chocolates, we were excitedly met with an array of flavours and textures served in a simple yet beautiful style. We enjoyed ourselves so much we thought it was only fair to share a few pictures of our favourite courses...

‘The 62˚ Lindisfarne Oyster’
Served surprisingly cold, making it a very light and refreshing course.

‘Raw Beef, Nasturtium, Basil’
Tender beer-fed Dexter beef with peppery nasturtium leaves and lightly pickled onions.

‘Squab Pigeon in Two Servings’
The pigeon came in two courses; the first being the offal encased in a crisp artichoke skin, served at two temperatures so that it simply melted in the mouth. Then followed the squab leg with morels and char grilled radicchio leaves. However, the claw was perhaps slightly unnerving and divided opinions within the group.

‘Liquorice and Lime’
This was the first of two desserts and was definitely the most favoured. There was a fennel sorbet with fennel and black sesame seeds and a touch of grated lime zest. The flavours were expertly balanced making for a very refreshing course.

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